Medical Aesthetic Procedures


Last updated 8th December 2022

How long does filler last?

It depends on the product and the area of the face treated. Generally speaking,  filler in ‘still’ areas of the face (cheek, nose, jaw) last longer around 12-18 months. Lip filler lasts around 9-12 months but it varies person to person.

Do you numb the area before inserting filler?

Yes. I give a prescription strength numbing cream with lidocaine in it. The fillers I use also have lidocaine in it.

Can you dissolve filler?

Yes. You can dissolve filler with hyaluronidase into the area and the original filler will dissolve. Always check your practitioner is trained to do this and equipped before they give you any filler treatment. If you are looking to have filler dissolved you can book this treatment on our booking page.

How long does the numbing cream last?

The numbing cream lasts the duration of the procedure. There is little to no downtime so you can continue normal activities post-treatment.

Is there any aftercare?

Yes there are a variety of different aftercare practices to perform after treatment. This varies dependant on procedure for specific aftercare guidance head to the service you are looking for.