Eden Clinic ~ Medical Aesthetic Procedures

Covid 19 Policy

Last updated 8th December 2022

We work to Government guidance which is still changing frequently but can be found here

1. If you feel you are at risk of being infected, even if you are asymptomatic, we respectfully request for you to delay your appointment for a minimum of 2 weeks.​

2. We would recommend that patients in high risk groups for developing serious complications from Covid-19 delay treatment until we have definitive vaccination or treatment. If you are not sure whether you are in a high risk group, please check the NHS Website: www.nhs.uk.​

3. Please wear a mask/face covering if it makes you comfortable. We will also have sufficient supply in clinic if you do not have one.​

4. Space in the clinic is limited so if possible, please attend your appointment alone.

5. We can’t accept any walk in clients so please book ahead.

6. Try to arrive at your designated appointment time (and not early) to give us time to clean between clients.

7. You will be asked to complete a COVID 19 screening form the day before your appointment. ​8. People receiving dermal filler treatment are advised to leave a minimum of 3 weeks between their treatment and a COVID19 vaccination.