Treating thin lips for people who would like a little more volume...

When it comes to treating the lips, there are so many different techniques, fillers and needles that can be used. With a sound fundamental understanding of anatomy and facial ageing, these can be used to produce safe, discrete and natural looking results.

Depending on the age of the patient, sometimes they can benefit from a bit of support in the vermillion border (this is the border between the lip and the skin surrounding the lip). This treatment can be done using a very short needle (4mm to be precise) and it is injected in along an anatomical structure that helps guide the filler to sit in the desired place.

The body of the lip is also treated, sometimes with a different type of filler. For more mature patient's sometimes a softer filler is used and this can give them a more natural, 'hydrated look'.

If you're one of those "I'd like to have lip fillers, but look natural" types, book in, because that's my favourite treatment!

Stay Beautiful!



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