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For Him

Men have different aesthetic treatment goals and different facial geometry. The three most common concerns that men come for consultations for are: Forehead lines, Jaw definition, Skin quality.

The world of aesthetic treatments is getting bigger and more diverse by the day. From skin tightening to adding angular definition, chemical peels to smoothing away lines, we have a treatment to suit your needs.


The Top 3

Forehead Lines | Jaw Definition | Skin Quality

  • Forehead lines can be managed with a variety of treatments. If they are light superficial lines, sometimes they can be managed with RF Microneedling. Sometimes they need an injectable treatment like dermal filler or other Wrinkle Smoothing Injections.

  • Skin Quality can be impacted by so many variables. A job that keeps you outside in the elements all day, or even too many holidays in the sun or on the slopes, can leave your skin looking tired and sometimes UV damaged. Our doctor can assess your skin and provide bespoke treatments. From chemical peel, to hydrating facial treatments, there is a treatment there to suit your skin's needs.

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