Top three aesthetic consultations for Men

Aesthetics is becoming more and more accessible and ACCEPTABLE! Its fantastic that I'm seeing more and more men that are feeling confident and empowered enough to book in for treatments and a little self love and a spruce!

It's a well known fact that men age differently to women therefore it goes without saying that we can't just treat them in the same way we treat their female counterparts. It takes a lot of experience and training to know the appropriate approach to the male face in order to avoid feminising their features.

The most common thing men come in to discuss are, forehead lines, lack of jaw definition and skin issues.

Forehead lines are caused by repeated expressions (e.g. frowning, raising the eyebrows) as well as ageing and UV damage. Everyone has them but as we age they become more prominent and are visible even when the face is resting. This is called a static line. Deep frown and forehead lines can make you look stressed or angry which is why many men who work in pressurised jobs where keeping a calm, poker face can be crucial. This is where Botox® (sometimes called 'Brotox') can be very helpful.

There are lots of neurotoxins on the market but Botox® is the most widely known brand. Botox® works by stopping the chemical messenger between the nerve and the muscle and so relaxing the muscles which contract during facial expressions. This leads to a more rested and smooth forehead.

The ageing process can affect the face in many ways and men who once had a chiselled jawline find themselves in their 40s and 50s losing that definition. For some men, their jawline was never their best feature and they are keen for more definition. Luckily there is a very effective treatment for contouring the jawline with dermal fillers.

Blocked pores are one of the biggest skincare problems men face and if left untreated can lead to blackheads and acne breakouts. Skin care can seem a bit daunting as there is a myriad of options. Our doctor will be able to assess your skin and talk through in clinic and home skincare treatment options.

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