Low testosterone in Men...

Did you know that men can need HRT as well? Low testosterone can cause low mood and anxiety but unfortunately it’s rarely tested when investigating mental health issues in Men.

Often antidepressants are started and these can worsen symptoms of erectile dysfunction, low sex drive and even worsen mood symptoms.

The impact this can have on relationships, general well being and self esteem can’t be understated.

If you’re a man struggling with mental health issues… it’s worth a blood test 🩸

Up to 50% of diabetic men will have low testosterone.

COVID19 has also got links to causing low testosterone.

Having abdominal fat puts you at increased risk.

Low testosterone can cause:


Low mood


Brain fog

Reduced sex drive

Erectile dysfunction….

But, as with women it’s treatable!

Research shows that Men tend not to come forward as easily about health concerns. Please feel free to jump over to my Men’s Health page incase someone you know is suffering in silence! 💙

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