Lock Down 2.0

For many people lock down is getting a bit old now.... Families are being separated, businesses closing, vulnerable people becoming more vulnerable and those with poor mental health having a really tough time.

We're left hoping, that those making the decisions hold the information that makes them seem more logical. What ever you think about the Government lock down, the reason for it, and the value in it, here we are, again, waiting to be told if we can open again on 2nd of December.

I'm aware that many people practising aesthetics are continuing to do so. I'm choosing not to because, as a doctor I feel its the most morally responsible thing to do. Not because I think that I will add significant risk but because it is what has been asked of us. There is a big debate about clinical aestheticians and those not clinically trained, people trying to draw a line between 'medical treatments' that can go on during lock down and those that cannot.

Its created a lot of animosity between beauticians that are performing aesthetic treatments and clinicians. It's not an argument that I can be drawn into as I don't feel that any of the treatments I carry out medically 'need' to be carried out during this time.

Eden will have been closed on Government advice for nearly 6 months of this year which is making things challenging and pretty unnerving as a business owner, still paying insurance and rent and other expenses.

This uncertainty is impacting all of us. Its making family time even more special, and for now, I have a bit more of it. Its making me hopeful for growth in the future for Eden. Its giving me time to think ahead, to research evidenced based treatments and plan.

I hope you're managing to survive, to thrive and find some space for growth in all this chaos.

However your Lock down 2.0 looks...

Stay Strong, Stay beautiful

Love Eden xx

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