Lets talk Lip fillers...

You might have noticed something about my social media account... All my lip filler pictures look natural and sometimes even subtle. This is because I strongly believe in using dermal fillers to enhance natural shape and give a little extra sparkle to the natural shape of the client and avoid the unnatural pouty look.

I regularly see client's who have been to other practitioner's and been told, 'the bigger, the better!' and Instagram is a tribute to this mind set. Sometime though, this can add pressure on people to go over board on their filler, giving distorted an unnatural looking results.

There are so many different techniques to apply dermal fillers to lip[s and often some practitioners will only have had one day to train in it before becoming certified. There are only so many techniques you can learn (and practice) in one day!

Some techniques involve filling the vermilion border. This is the line around the outside of the lip where you might apply lip liner. This will add definition to the out line of the lips. You can do this by using a much shorter and smaller needle to insert the lip filler and it gives you much more control over the filler placement. It also causes very little swelling as you need so few injection sites.

Other techniques involve injecting the dermal filler as the needle is removed and causing 'tenting' of the tissue. This can give quite a pronounced eversion of the lips.

Aside from all the different techniques used to place filler, there is also a multitude of products to choose from. I would use a different filler on a 40 year old wanting some subtle definition of lip borders to the filler that I would use a 22 year old requesting some additional volume.

I am pleased to say that I love the Teosyal range as I find they have a filler for every need! Their fillers are reliable, rarely cause lumps and bumps and cause very little inflammation so swelling isn't so disruptive as some of the cheaper products on the market.

Always to check with your practitioner is that they have the training, skills and equipment to manage any complications. This won't always be taught in the basic training and people that aren't medically trained won't be able to deliver the prescription only medication that is needed to dissolve filler or to manage emergencies like severe allergies.

Message teh page if you'd like a consultation to discuss this treatment.

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