Growth through adversity!

Lock down was a really tough period for Eden, as it was for many small Businesses. My clinic was closed on 16th of March 2020.

This was challenging time for everyone. My job as a GP became very busy, but family time became even more special. There were no after school clubs to race around to, no parties or fixed appointments. It was just our little family unit, hunkering down and enjoying the simplicity of 'us' time. What a gift to be reminded how special that time is?!

Shortly after being closed, My clinic was driven into and seriously damaged by a man evading the police. Devon and Cornwall police did a fantastic job but unfortunately didn't manage to catch the individual. Luckily, no one was hurt.

This upheaval added further problems to Eden Clinic, and I was forced to give up my tenancy. It was then, that Cathy from Flow Aesthetics arrived in my life! We were both challenged by the difficulties of closure and having to pay rent for clinics we couldn't use. We were frustrated and saddened seeing so many clinics that were disregarding the Government Rules on Aesthetic practices. So we put our head's together and teamed up!

It was fantastic having a like minded business woman with similar values to get creative with and share resources! Cathy is an Engineer by back ground and so has a fantastic knowledge and understanding of the aesthetic machines she has. She offers:

LED skin rejuvenation facials

Fat freezing

Cellulite treatments

Pressotherapy (my personal favourite).

In addition to all of this, she even offers Laser hair removal! Who doesn't love the idea of not having to wax and shave?!

We worked out that our services PERFECTLY complemented each other! As a doctor, my main focus is on injectable treatments including Dermal fillers (lip fillers, cheek filler and jaw augmentation, tear trough fillers, non surgical rhinoplasty) and wrinkle smoothing injections. I also love to work with problem skin, from acne, to pigmentation and wrinkled or dully, dry ageing skin.

Eden Clinic remained closed as per Government regulations until 15th August 2020. I was nervous after hearing about so many other clinics choosing to stay open, how it would impact business. I'm so pleased to say that so many of you have kept coming back for treatment!

It was a privilege to be featured in Plymouth Herald but I'm pleased to say that we're in a really positive space now and its so much better to be working in the clinic along side Flow and enjoying our new business partnership! #StrongerTogether

The other thing it has done is given me the time to connect with a few of you and find out exactly what it is you would like Eden to offer and how you would like our Services to be provided!

So many of you came back asking for PAYMENT SCHEMES! So here they are! Please message the page if you're interested in spreading the cost of your treatments.

I'd love to hear any other suggestions for how Eden can support your needs!

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